The Changzhou UFO case involved the sighting of a single UFO from the ground by multiple witnesses, and its interception by a military aircraft in 1998.

According to the Chinese newspaper Hebei Daily, on 16 October 1998 military radar picked up an object flying over Changzhou, a city in Hubei province. At least 140 people saw the object, described as resembling "a small star" which became bigger (which may have been due to it descending). A JianJiao-6 jet was sent to investigate the UFO. The two pilots said the object looked like something they had seen in science fiction films. However, as they approached it, it suddenly shot upwards and outmanoeuvred the plane each time the pi,lots moved to intercept it. It appeared to be "teasing" the plane by accelerating away and then appearing above it, according to the pilots, who also requested, but were denied, permission to fire at the UFO.


"Fighter chases UFO" in Fortean Times 120, p.7 (March 1999), citing a Hong Kong Standard piece dated 6 November 1998.

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