Lake monsters are cryptids said to inhabit the lakes and rivers of the world. It is extremely unlikely, given their global extent (from Alaska to Zambia) and range of descriptions, that lake monsters consist of one species, and indeed are not treated as such in the literature. evidence for their existence comes in the form of eyewitness, photographs and some low-quality film and video. Although never formally described by science (which demands a type specimen for acceptance), the existence of lake monsters is at least regarded as plausible, especially in the larger lakes.


  • Champ, Lake Champlain, NY & VT, USA/ QC, Canada
  • Hapyxelor (AKA Hapaxelor, Mussy), Muskrat lake, ON, Canada
  • Igopogo (AKA Kampenfelt Kelly), Lake Simcoe, ON, Canada
  • Issie, Lake Ikeda, Kyushu, Japan
  • Kuddimudra, Diamantina river, QLD, Australia
  • Kussie, Kussharo-ko, Hokkaido, Japan
  • Lizzie, lake Decaire, QC, Canada
  • Manipogo, Lakes Manitoba, Winnipegosis, Dauphin, MB, Canada
  • Mannie, Gudgerama Creek, NT, Australia
  • Metro Maggie, Lake Ontario, ON, Canada
  • Moolgewanke, Lake Alexandrina, SA, Australia
  • Morag, Loch Morar, Scotland, UK
  • Nessie, Loch Ness, Scotland, UK
  • Ogopogo, Lake Okanagon, BC, Canada
  • Ponik, Lake Pohenagamook, QC, Canada
  • Powsaswop, Saskatchewan River, SK, Canada
  • Sicopogo (AKA Shuswaggi or Ta-Zum-A), Shuswap Lake, BC, Canada
  • Slimy Caspar, Nith River, ON, Canada
  • Tag, lake Tagai, BC, Canada
  • Tnata, Edward River, NSW, Australia
  • Tsinquaw, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
  • Tunatpan, Port Philip district, VIC, Australia
  • Yaa-Loo, Hunter River, NSW, Australia

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