Lo! is the third nonfiction book by Charles Fort, published in 1931. Something of a return to form after his difficult second book, New Lands, it returns to themes addressed in The Book of the Damned; however, his source material in this and his next (and final) book, Wild Talents would increasingly come from newspapers rather than scientific journals. There are also examples of personal correspondence supporting his information. The book also includes a memorable demolition of an explanation for a fall of winkles that had posited a mad fishmonger throwing his wares about the streets of Worcester, England.


As ever, Fort did not title his chapters. the following notes are a synopsis of the chapters' contents.

  1. Frog rains; worm rains; snail rains; the fishmonger of Worcester
  2. Theorising
  3. Manna
  4. Falls of water; falls of stones; slow falls of stones; rising objects
  5. object rains; Swanton Novers mystery
  6. Bleeding images; red substances
  7. Out-of-place animals
  8. Pluto
  9. The Jersey Devil; lake monsters; sea serpents and other strange creatures
  10. The Brown Mountain lights; luminous owls; mystery airships
  11. Flying luminous things
  12. Disappearing ships/crews; flying things
  13. Animal attacks; the Cavan wolf; the beast of Badminton; the beast of Orel.
  14. Animal attacks; Welsh lights; wave of paranormal events in Britain, 1904-5; the Hexham wolf; spontaneous human combustion; connections made with religious revival.
  15. Mysterious people: Princess Caraboo; Joseph Vorin; Cagliostro.
  16. Disappearing people
  17. Disappearing and appearing people; feral children;
  18. More appearing and disappearing people; Mrs. Guppy; teleportation; the Cumpston case.
  19. Kaspar Hauser
  20. Astronomy
  21. Theorising
  22. Palgues of insects
  23. Downpours and floods
  24. Earthquake lights and earthquake floods
  25. Volcano lights; stellar lights
  26. Before and after volcanoes
  27. New stars, disasters etc
  28. Volcanoes
  29. New stars, etc
  30. Nebulae
  31. More stars, etc
  32. A shell around the earth