Wild Talents is the final book by Charles Fort, written in 1932. In recounting a wide variety of odd phenomena, Fort largely disregards his previous teleportation theory, or at least incorporates him into his new thesis. Rather than a vague "Cosmic joker", as he postulated in his earlier books, the responsibility for these occurrences are freak powers that occur in the human mind, that cannot be naturally developed, but are there, Fort feels, as a sort of throwback to primeval times.

Instead of the semi-random cataloguing of mysterious evidents that characterised his earlier works, Fort here contributes data in a stream, Do develop his theories. Spontaneous fires, coincidental deaths and mass hysteria lead onto invisible attackers. Spontaneous human combustion and poltergeists are devloped, then the data turns to mysterious disappearances and spontaneous images. A theme is built up of an effect similar to witchcraft, created by the power of mind (the term psychokinesis had not been coined in his day).

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